Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guess Who Is Back!?!?!

Jingle Buddy!!!! I don't even know if I blogged about our little friend last year or not, but I'll try to stay up on it. I know I said that about the 30 Days Of Thankfulness...I suck, what can I say?

So on to Jingle Buddy.  He is our little elf that comes and visits during the month of December (he arrived a little early this year) and likes to hide and or get into mischief.  ***If you've never heard of this you can read more at elfontheshelf.com

Well, I took Ant & Adi to school this morning and came home to on VERY happy little girl screaming and jumping up and down shouting, "Mama, Jingle Buddy's back, Jingle Buddy's back!"  She was seriously SO LOUD and SO excited she woke Dominic up.  He came out and she was yelling at him wanting him to see what Jingle Buddy was doing.  Once he got his eyes pried open from his sleep crust he got the BIGGEST grin as he looked around my hip and saw some friends playing with our candy canes.

He wanted me to read the book right away but we needed to start getting ready for school and jazzercise.  I went to the back of the house to start laying out clothes and get myself together.  I came out of my room and heard...QUIETNESS!  I was wondering why it was so quiet, because if you know Delayna, she is NEVER quiet!  As I walked toward the front of the house I heard Dominic talking.  I turned the corner and found this:

Seriously, isn't that enough to melt your heart!?!?!  He not only was reading the Elf on the Shelf book to Delayna, but he went and got Oliver (his teddy) to read with them...AWWWWWWWWWWW

We got ready and all morning Dominic was giving me, "Mama, wouldn't it be funny if..." scenarios.  He has all kinds of ideas for Jingle Buddy. But we will see what this little fella is up to this year.  I will promise to try to blog daily!  I have learned that these are the precious memories I need to be journaling!