Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There's a snake in my boots!

A couple of weeks ago I was rushing around trying to get ready for a party I had that night and I had to go and pick up Anthony from football practice.
When I went there to get him, he was no where to be seen, wouldn't answer his text or phone calls.  I was pissed and freaking out.  I called Jose for him to call Ant.
He finally got ahold of him and told him to get to me now.
When he got in the truck, he was giddy laughing about a snake that he caught and was chasing his friends with.
Delayna shouted out, "Bobo Anty, there's a snake in your boots?"
I started chuckling, even through my anger.  So once she heard me laughing, she started feeding off of it.
She then said, "Bobo, there's a snake in your butt!"
After that, Ant and I just busted into laughing.
Through all the anger, frustration and the nerves geting to me, it's the little thing that made us bust a gut!  And of course, leave it to Delayna and Anthony, my two little clowns to get me into a better mood.