Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nope, it never ends!

As mentioned in my previous post, Delayna was diagnosed with an ear infection & bronchitis. She was prescribed Amoxacillan on the 16th of November. She was on that until the 23rd, when I called the Dr because she was pulling at her other ear and her buggers weren't getting any better. Not to mention the rash on her little wahoo. So they called in some other antibiotics and nystatin for the rash. I gave her the other antibiotic, Cefdinir, that night. She woke up Tuesday morning with bumps on her legs. At first I thought it just a few spider bites, but as the day went on they got worse. So I called the Dr around 12 to ask about it. They wanted her to come in right away. So I took her in, by then they were on her trunk & arms. Dr. Cuni looked at her and said it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.
So she switched her to another antibiotic & said to treat her with Benedryl. Here's some pics of her.
This is Weds. morning, really bad!

Tuesday night, not as bad.

My poor girl, we just can't catch a break over here!