Friday, October 2, 2009

8 months update

Ok, so life has grabbed ahold of me & I am going every which direction but straight.
Delayna is getting SO big! She now has 4 teeth, YES 4! She is pulling herself up & has been for a while now. She will be walking before I know it. She is very advanced compared to my other kids. She amazes me every day!
Let me see what her new & favorite things are...
She is eating better, loves anything she can chew. Baby food is out of the picture. She doesn't care for the textures, so that's a bit challenging!
Papa, Ant & Grammie are her favorite people. If Jose isn't home by a certain time at night, she's not a happy camper. She loves going into Ant's room and listening to music with him while he does his homework. Grammie takes her and plays with her and attempts to get her to watch t.v. with her, but she's not having it.
We have this little musical piano thing that she LOVES playing with. She is gonna be a music girl. Loves it when we sing to her.
She's still my little nursing champ. Not sleeping through the night yet...GAH!
I can go on all night, but she calls. So until next time...