Monday, August 17, 2009

Well lookie here

My Grandpa made the paper! If you know my Grandpa, he is a VERY knowledgeable man that has been gifted of knowledge in politics...Not my favorite subject, but that's ok. He informed me through an email that Rep. Jerry Lewis (who was a local Senator that assisted in bringing Jose back to the states when they tried deporting him) was planning on having a rally in Redlands. Like I said, I'm not too big into politics, so I didn't think twice about going.
Well, my Grandpa & all his wisdom submitted a question to ask Rep. Jerry Lewis & was chosen. He just so happened to be the second person to ask the question & the paper snapped his pic and put him on the front cover on the PE.
My Grandma called me Friday morning & said, "Your Grandpa said to go buy the paper." I of course said, "OK." But then asked curiously, "Why?" She said, "Grandpa just said to call you and tell you to go buy the paper, it's a surprise. Call us when you get it."
So I told my mom & she ran out to get it.
She came home with paper in hand and this is what I saw...

HEY, That's My Grandpa In There!!!!!!!!
Isn't he handsome!?!?!?
If you didn't know, I love my Grandpa!