Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Check Up

My little girl had her first physical today. She was scheduled to get her first shots, but we discovered she had a pretty bad ear infection. So we opted out for a couple more weeks.
As of today she is 29 weeks & 1 day old = 6 months, 4 weeks, 1 day
She weighs a whopping 18.4 lbs (90-95%)
Is 27" long (75%)
Has a head circumference of 17.25" (75%)
The Dr said she is pretty well proportioned.
She is sitting unassisted, crawling, standing while holding onto something, cruising furniture, playing by herself and basically above her expected goals.
She is eating lots for fruits, vegis, cereal & yogurt. She's not a big eater though.
Delayna is an extremely happy baby! She adjusts to things fairly easily.
Her sleeping is an issue. Before her ear infection, I was dancing her to sleep to praise & worship music. She loves me to sing to her (glad I'm not the one listening to myself...LOL!) so I do. It's a special time that we have together.
So all is well with my big little girl!
I will be doing some photo shoots soon and will get some pics up.