Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moved Up To The Big Girl Room

Well, I got tired of Delayna being in my room. Not in a bad way, I just wanted my room back. So I started Friday afternoon revamping & cleaning Adriana's room to make room for Delayna.
It ended up taking me two day to complete it...My back is killing me & I am completely exhausted, but it's done.
My girls have their room, here are pics...

Looking in from the doorway

Baby Dee's Crib

Delayna's dresser & Adi's shelves

Little's bed & vanity

Bed, vanity, door & crib

And here she is, sleeping in the 'big girl's room' for the first time

I just hope it all goes well. It was hard on my heart to do it, but I know I can still enjoy her while she makes her transitions ;-)


Mrs.J said...

This is a big miles stone for the whole family but you all will be wonderful!

ariesgurrl25 said...

WTG MOM!! Hope your back feels better soon and u quickly start enjoying ur room.
BTW I got the same crib

Unknown said...

cool. the Big GIrls room how exciting