Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heat+Sun+Dominic+Mama+Water Balloons= A Fun Time & Cheap Way To Stay Cool!!!

While in Co. I realized how accustomed to t.v. Dominic is. We didn't do much t.v. watching & we decided not to take the Wii. After MUCH observation & a MAJOR gut check, I realized that I have allowed the t.v. to be Dominic's babysitter & entertainer for WAY too long!
I made a decision on the way home that it wouldn't happen any more, no matter how dirty my house was, how much laundry I have to do, etc.
So, we came back to a HOT So. Cal. and I took advantage. Dominic, Delayna & I all went out and played with water balloons & the hose. Here are some pics...


Mrs.J said...

Love all the pic's he is just too cute.Great decision limiting the TV