Friday, July 3, 2009


We got home late Monday night.
Tuesday morning we slept in just past 9am. I got up, did my mama duties for the morning & headed out to get the truck unloaded, vacuumed & car seats out to be washed. Did a few loads of laundry & the car seats.
Wednesday I decided to clean house and go through some stuff a friend of mine brought over. It was so blasted hot that instead of putting clothes away & more cleaning, Dominic, Delayna & I all went outside to play with water balloons...That was FUN!
Thursday I had to get up & get things lined up and ready so I could head out to my Aunt Cheryl's house to pick up my boy. He went with my Aunt & Cousins up to Denver to visit my cousin Robin, Hammond's Candy Factory & of course,,,Invesco Field at Mile High (I will get a post up about that later...PROMISE!)
From my Aunts we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (let's just say, my Mom is addicted!) then to Costco to get some stuff that was desperately needed in the Herrera House!
Then home to unload & put stuff away, then off to James & Gail's house for Sarah's 15th birthday dinner/party.
I woke up this morning at 9am, I actually got to sleep in with all the kids here, plus Devin. That was a miracle!
But, I just feel drained!!! I have cleaned here & there. I've done a few loads of laundry, but not all put away. I've vacuumed about 5,000 times & kept the kitchen clean, but just not alot of anything.
I think I need a day to sleep, but I don't forsee that in my future.
Jose's on his way home now. I have the shrimp marinating, the dressing made & the salad waiting to be put together.
We have to get up early tomorrow morning to get ready & head out to my Grandma Wallace's house to visit with some of the family that is heading out for the 4th.
I have LOTS of posts I need to catch up on, so please be patient with me. I promise they'll get done. In the mean time if you see a bunch of jumbled letters, just know...
I fell asleep at the keyboard


Mrs.J said...

ok I love that post and it made Tisha and I laugh. Take your time enjoy your family who cares about laundry when Domi and baby girl are growing up right before your eyes.