Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter has become a VERY special holiday for our family. For the past 4 years we have been involved in our church's Easter Outreach. Starting Saturday we help with the outreach at the park (which is a very long & hard day, but SO fulfilling!!!!) and then Sunday we have church in the park.
This year Jose and I partnered up with Noe & Monica to do the Food Crew on Saturday. We were up at 6:30 am getting ourselves ready & I packed Delayna's stuff up, because she was coming with us. We got to the park about an hour later to meet up with Noe & Monica. This was their first year leading the food crew & were as nervous as I'll get out. They were too cute, but did great!!!
Here's Noe directing some people.

Here is Jessica & Courtney doing hot dogs

We had over 2,000 people come out this year. It was nice seeing old faces & some of my friends come out. I just realized, I didn't get not one pic of my besties (Allan & Angel), who came out and helped for the first year!
We were home around 4 pm. And I got going on the house & the eggs.
We had a blast doing the eggs, as we always do. I love that my husband & son aren't "too old" to participate in such a family fun activity.
Here are some pics...
3 1/2 dozen of eggs

Kids coloring

Jose tried to get Delayna to 'help'

Mom looking on

I used my Avent breast milk storage cups to die the eggs in...ROFLMBO!

Here's some buzz worthy eggs (we always make special eggs)

Jose playing with the kids & the eggs

I also made cakes. My first attempt was a flopp. They stuck to the pan...WHATEVER!

My mom tried "peicing it together". She's such a dork!

So, I re-did them. Here's my "Dirt Cake" (recipe to follow later)

And my Easter Bunny Grass Cake

Easter morning we had to start early, because Jose & Adi had to be at the church by 8:15am. Here's pics & video
The baskets

Waiting for their baskets

Anthony passing the baskets out

Anthony, Dominic, Delayna & I all got ready for church & headed out. It was a gorgeous day! The message was remarkable! The skits, and message were really good!
Here's a link if your interested in watching The Rebounder.
Pastor opened up for those who want to accept Jesus as their personal savior. We had about 48 people accept and one of them was my Bestie, Angel. Allan shared his story with me about him accepting Christ as his personal savior the week before & here is his wife accepting Christ into her life. What an awesome moment! I've been praying for them for quite a while. Now to stand with them and walk with them!

After church we got home & the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the house (not where *she* was supposed to, but it turned out great!).
In the bathroom

Front Room


Some outside

Later Mona, Alvaro & Emilio came over to share an Easter Dinner. It was very nice to have company over & enjoy my good cooking with friends! Just as we sat down to eat, Gail, James, Mark, Sarah & Devin came by.
My Easter Dinner Table

My Famous Glazed Ham (I've had requests for this!)

The end of a long day! Me and my girls

Don't know which is better

The kids went through 2 HUGE bottles of bubbles!

My baby girl's first Easter

God really blessed our day & I loved it! Hope you were all blessed as much as my family was!


Winter Delivery said...

milk storage cups? lol I'll be waiting for the cake receipes :) Too bad we don't eat pork or I would like to try that ham! Delayna looks so cute playing with the eggs! It sounds as though you had a wonderful Easter!