Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ACK! I am an airhead!

I was just upstairs putting stuff into the baby's drawers and realized...
I don't have wipes...DOH!
What a retard I am man! How am I going to clean this baby's bum?!?!
Someone might comment and tell me to use wash cloths, but I don't even own a washcloth yet.
Guess I gotta remember some wipes next Monday when I go to the store.

OH, and I almost forgot to pack in the baby's bag it's Chupi's.
If this baby is anything like Dominic, it will LOVE it's chupis!
So, they are now in the dishwasher drying and will go into the diaper bag with the rest of the stuff.


Joanna Christiansen said...

What are Chupis? If you have an extra fleece baby blanket you can cut it into squares to use as wipes and you don't have to sew the edges. They make pretty good wipes and are super soft!

Kindra said...

Ok, I guess I will let the cat out of the bag..I am planning on making you a "cloth wipe kit"...what I use..thought it would be the perfect gift for a fellow CDer!! :)