Monday, January 12, 2009

My blessings

A follow up to my "complaint baby post", that I posted yesterday....

God is just SO good! I am sitting here just in AWE with tears rolling down my face! I just read one of my dearest friend's blog : This Is Me
She invited my little girl over yesterday just to hang out & what she says about my baby girl in her blog, in my opinion, is just awesome!
I've known this stuff about my Little, but for someone to see it and just say how "cool & smart & awesome & has a great sense of humor, etc..." is something that as a mom is VERY touching!
My little girl is awesome! She's got her eyes focused on so much and is very focused on what God has for her too.
Jose always comments how beautiful she is and the is afraid for her to get to the age of dating, because he doesn't want her just running off with any boy, or anyone taking "advantage" of her. You know, the pretty girls seem to be the ones that get damaged the most, they're beautiful and they have an advantage.
BUT, I know that our girl is not only gorgeous, but she's got some smarts! She is focused on what God has for her & as long as we continue to raise her up, I believe the Lord will continue to do a work in her life. She may stray at some point, but God's word does not return void, and my baby will be strong & has a future!

Then, last night while at FUSION (yes I went, God wanted me there, because he had a word for me from Mike) Mike was teaching the kids about disobedience & disobeying your parents, etc.
Anyway, make a long story short and get to my point...
He was talking about his life as a child/teen and stated that soon he will be having his baby Eden & what will happen the day that she does some things that he did as a child.
Then he said these words...
"One day you will all be given a gift. Look at Jose & Melissa, they have been blessed with 4 gifts. I will be getting my gift anyday. We will all, hopefully be blessed with at least one gift from God."

When he said; "Look at Jose & Melissa, they have been blessed with 4 gifts." I felt like a rush of wind just hit me. I sat there and just began to cry.
God has BLESSED Jose & I with FOUR (4) GIFTS.
I *know* that, but for someone to see that and speak it was different than me *knowing* it.
Some people "just have kids". It's not a big deal to them. There is so much pain and hurt out there towards children. I guess as a grown woman who knows that pain, it's hard to accept that God has blessed *ME* with 4.
I've not "just had" four children, I've been BLESSED with four children.
I praise you Father & thank you for your blessing!
I am in awe.


kbell said...

You have been blessed girl!

The Pruetts said...

I agree, our children should and are a HUGE blessing! God has blessed me with 2! (I'm tearing up with you :)

(Jessica is a long time friend of mine and I love her so much! I just read her blog so I knew who you were talking about...) I hope your girl does become a dr and is very successful. But most of all, I pray that God will use her for His glory and bless her life!

Love ya lady!