Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freecycled Dressers

Back in October, I found these dressers on Freecycle. I took Jose with me to go get them. When he first saw them, he was NOT happy! He wanted to get me back in the truck and run home.
I told him to just load them up and I would take care of the rest.
It has taken me a while, but I finally finished the baby's dresser last night. Dominic's has been done since November. I thought I took pics of his, but I can't find them. His is just painted grey with black nobs, nothing fancy.
So here are the results...
Notice the lovely flowery scenery? YUCK!

Yeah, the flower scene was all over the bottom


This is the baby's dresser after:
It's dark chocolate brown and cream & cream nobs. The pics don't do justice.

I (actually Jose did, because I was tired and getting frustrated) lined the inside with really pretty paper.
Now I get to do laundry and put it all away!!!


lisa said...

Beautiful, Melissa! Great work.

Kara said...

They look great!

Mrs.J said...

My talented friend!

The Pruetts said...

That looks awesome! If my girls room was gonna be pink & brown like I wanted, I would have LOVED to have done that to the dresser. As it is, I painted Eden's crib, changing table, and dresser a nice clean white. I didn't take before pics. Well I did but they're actually pics of Trin when she was a baby and was using them. And I don't know if have any of those pics. OH NOW I GOTTA GO LOOK FOR THEM LOL I'm crazy...hehehe
Anyways, great job!