Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UPDATE: My own worries

I had been really worried about all of the delivery/recovery/being in the hospital, etc...
Well, Monday I had my last OB/GYN appt. Afterward, I headed over to the hospital to pre-register.
*If you don't know, I have dealt with anxiety and fear since I was a child. My mom still is very bound by fear. I have over come a lot, but still deal with a lot, especially of the unknown.*
So, when I went to the hospital, I was dealing with the anxiety of "the unknown" and needing to talk to people. So, as I drove from the Dr's office to the hospital, I was praying, talking to God and listening to Air1. Just getting into the mood of 'trust'.
I got to the hospital, couldn't find parking, that did NOT make me happy! I had to park in bum 'f' Egypt (as my step-father would have said). Then I was going to have to walk, up hill, forever to the hospital...Not very happy about that!
But, I have favor! There was a little man driving a golf cart, who drove up to me & Bits and asked me if I wanted a ride. At first I asked him, "Excuse me?" I thought I heard what he said, but then thought, "why would he offer to give me a ride?" Well, come to find out, because their parking sucks, they have little senior citizens that drive around on golf carts and give you rides...How sweet!
So, he asks me if I'm having my baby today..."Um, not today. Next Tuesday." So he tells me that I want to go to the Maternity Building. Oh, I didn't know there were two different buildings. So he drops me off right at the door. Thank you!
Then I go in to these little sweet ladies in their little 'lab' coats. I tell them what I was there for and they direct me up to the second floor.
I go up & it's almost desolate and kinda scary. I find the bathrooms and hit that before i go any further and then see a girl sitting at a table with a computer outside of 2 sets of doors.
I let her know why I was there & she got me all my paper work and showed me the 'waiting room' where I was able to fill out my paperwork. Very nice waiting room, might I add! They had Sesame Street playing for Dominic. So I sat there filling out my paperwork when a couple come in. The guy had a laptop and mentioned, "Oh, it works in here too. The Wi-Fi must only be available in the rooms & waiting rooms."
So I commented, "OH, you get Wi-Fi here?" He explained to me that he gets it in the room & waiting room, like he said previously...
WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I am gonna get Wi-Fi while I'm in the hospital. I was very worried about that!
Then we began talking. The lady is 6 mos pregnant and had a previous c-section, but wanted to do a vag birth with this one. Well, obviously it was a place I needed to be at the time I needed to be there. I was able to talk to her and really help her with her decision of what to do. She had been keeping her previous 'C' from her Dr due to her own fears. It was a nice little talk and nice to see that I was used for something positive.
Then I take my papers back to the desk, but there is another lady there. She took my papers and I was asking her a few questions. She asked me if I wanted to go speak with a nurse inside the doors. I said, "Sure, that would be great!"
So, I go through the double security doors...OOOOOOH I felt special :-)
I go back to the nurses station and speak to a really nice nurse back there. She was THE sweetest! She took me back to the room that I will be going to and explained to me that when I come in, I would be taken back to the "special prep room" and be monitored. She showed me where I would be preped and then told me how the surgery is going to go.
She then told me that after I birth and the baby is cleaned up, the father would be brought back to the same room with the baby so that they can bond. How fareaking cool is that!?!?!
I asked her the time length before I would join them. She told me about 45 mins to an hour. I told her I would be having my tubes stripped, burned, ripped out (LOL!). She said that it would be at least an hourt to 1 1/2 hours before I was taken back.
Then we talked about visitor seeing the baby before I do in the recovery room & where the nurses/Dr's stand. We agreed on a lot of what she covered. So my family won't be coming until I am settled in to my postpartum room.
Give me until at least 4pm to come and visit me, please!
She showed me out and Bits & I went on our way...
We went into the "alligator" and he said, "Mama, lets go upstairs." I wasn't going to, just because I don't do anything that wasn't "planned". But then I thought, why not, lets go see upstairs & mabye see the babies.
So, we go up to the postpartum floor. I ring the bell & the nurses buzz me in. When I walk in, I see a girl that I used to go to church with about 5 years ago. Last time I saw her, she was going to school to get her nursing license. She was always VERY sweet to me & we are always cordial to each other when we do run into each other. It was nice to see a 'familiar' face!
So, I tell the other nurse why I was there and she asked me if I would like a tour. Of course I agreed! She showed me the floor and took me into one of the rooms.
HELLO~GORGEOUS!!!! These rooms are just...WOW!
I am SO glad I decided to have my last baby in Redlands! The whole building is awesome!
She went over alot of details with me, and I was 100% on line with her.
We went over my care after surgery~she really put me at ease.
We went over my diet & my expectations~really helped me feel comfortable & not as worried.
She answered all of my questions and was an awesome nurse, just being patient with me and explaining everything I needed to know.
I walked out of there with a HUGE load taken off of my chest!
Oh, and the nursery that you used to be able to go see babies in...Yeah, no longer!
They believe in keeping the babies with the mamas, which is awesome!
K, that's all folks. Off to take the kiddos to school...


Joanna said...

A few months after I gave birth to Daniel they opened the new maternity building. I was so bummed I wouldn't be delivering in the new building. I did get to visit it a couple months ago when a friend of mine gave birth. Its really nice! I'm sure everything will go very well for you, but of course I will be praying for you.

Mrs.J said...

hey beautiful!Now you know why everyone raves about Redlands. When I had cera there she was with me all the time well except when I was sleeping. They even let scott spend the night in the hospital room with me. That was something that I really was happy about. It being my first time in the hospital.It will be wonderful and I will wait till the 21st to see ya!

The Pruetts said...

Redlands is awesome. I was at Riverside and would NOT recommend it to anyone. They're so strict about visitors, the baby, the father not being able to stay the night..and I had a c-section there. Ugh.
With Eden, I had a VBac (and was so glad I did!). Matt was able to stay the night, the baby was able to be with me unless I called the nurse to come get her. It was a much much better experience for me this time. Oh and all our rooms were awesome too. It's so nice when hospitals make the experience as homie as possible. :)