Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve At The Herrera's

This year I got to do Christmas Eve at my house. Honestly, I think I may make it that I have it at my house every year! I LOVE that I can make dinner, everyone come over, have a great time, clean up, do our traditions and then Christmas Day be devoted to just being a family & not worrying about any hustle or bustle.
I have some pics posted, of course.
All out of order, but se la vie...I will walk ya through them...

This would be Santa & the Reindeer's treats, after they visited

And Before

My beautiful children before bed

Delayna "helping" mama clean up

Dominic putting stuff out for Santa & crew

The night wouldn't be complete without my goofy brother

Jess & Mark

Jessica & Delayna

Cuzin Sarah & Delayna

Game of good 'ol Mexican Train Dominoes

Tracking Santa

The Wallace's & Thompson's

Dinner (from left to right) Gail, James, Ben, Mom, Star, Dad

Jessica, Gail, James & Ben

Mom, Star, Dad, Jose

Delayna riding Dominic's bike (NO, she NEVER stops!)

Yaaaa, she's a big girl!

Woah hoa hoa, what do we have here? That would be your's truly with a torch...glazing my ham.

Check me out!

ooooooh, my yummy dipped pretzels & marshmallows, I think I had 1...LOL

That's All Folks!