Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mama, Look, It's Rudolph!

Every year I have a tradition of getting my computer up and going Christmas Eve afternoon. The kids & I start tracking Santa. I have been doing this for about 3-4 years now and absolutely enjoy it!
Well this year, Dominic & Devin were at an age that they knew who Santa was, what Santa does and that Santa does exist.
I was lucky enough to have Christmas Eve at my house this year and I took my laptop down stairs and pulled up Norad, Santa's Tracking System around 4pm. Dominic & Devin absolutely lit up when they saw that I was tracking Santa! We were able to watch video of where he was, see where he was going and watch him get closer and closer to us.
About every hour or so (more or less), the boys would tell me, "Let's check on Santa!" I would go to the couch, pull out my laptop and put on the tracker.
Those boys are SO SWEET! They would light up with excitement every time they saw where Santa was...It literally put tears in my eyes seeing them so excited (every time I put it on!).
Right before James & Gail were getting ready to go home, I told they boys, "Let's go check on Santa one last time before Devin goes."
So we piled onto the couch one last time and saw that Santa was in Mexico! The boys were freaking out! "We gotta go to bed! Santa is in Mexico!"
So James, Gail, Sarah, Devin, Mark & Jessica all left.
I got the kids ready for bed and Dominic asked if we could go outside to see if we could see Santa. So we got some slippers on and went out. He first poked his head out the door and just barely looked out, but couldn't see anything.
So he took a step out onto the porch, looked up and around in the sky. He yelled, "Mama, look, there's Rudolph!" I looked & didn't see anything.
I asked him, "Where mijo, I don't see anything but stars."
So he pointed again in the same direction and said, "There mama, I see him, his nose is flashing red!"
I then realized, he in fact did see a red flashing light! It was the flashing light from an airplane...LOL!
But of course, I fed into his imagination and screamed with excitement, which allowed me to also let out my laugh. Then told him, "HURRY, GET INTO THE HOUSE! WE GOTTA GET INTO BED! Santa is going to pass us over if he still sees us up!"
So, Dominic & Adriana ran into the house and up the stairs. Dominic hopped into Anthony's bed, telling him who he just saw and that they better hurry and go to sleep!
Needless to say, I was able to "play Santa" early and tuck myself into bed.
I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas, and remember, there are always ways to make GREAT MEMORIES!!!


Cera said...

haha Domi's so cutee...