Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess Who's Walking!!!

Well, she kinda has been since the 14th of December, but I have been SO stinken busy, I haven't had time to post it.
She is TOO cute! She started out doing about 4 steps. And is now full on walking down the hall, turning corners & turning around. She's still crawling, but is really working on the walking.
She is too cute and has kind of a left side step. She kinda looks like a crab walking sideways.
I was saying I hoped Delayna walked by Christmas, because I wanted to put her into some patten leather shoes & a big fluffy dress. Unfortunately, I didn't find a fluffy dress that I liked, nor nice shoes that she could walk in.
So, a Santa dress and black stockings will have to do. I also bought Adi a red top with cute snowflake longs socks with balls on them & I got a black top with black & red striped socks. We will all match.
I can't wait to have our 'last' First Christmas...WOW, that was hard to type, now I'm all choked up.
OK, so let's keep this cheery! I have SO much to update, but SO much to I will try to catch up later...


Mrs.J said...

I understand what your saying about being so behind on your blogs but dear have you looked at your headline? Good Luck Keeping Up, I Can't Even do it...