Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Blessings

WOW, what a difference a year can make! This time last year, Jose & I were struggling, stressed, not knowing what we were going to do for anything. The Lord came through and blessed us tremendously! I praise Him & give him ALL the glory! This year, God spoke to Jose & I both, separately and we were able to bless a family in our church that wasn't able to provide Christmas for their family. And still have a great Christmas for ours...What an AWESOME God I serve!
This year, we were more focused on the "needs" of our children and what we bought to be more "useful" rather than just "another toy/game". Also, God spoke to my heart and told me to bless a special somebody in my Honey! I saved up and was able to make a couple of Ben Franklin's since resigning with Pampered Chef. So I teamed up with my compadres and had Noe help me buy my Honey a GUITAR! Jose has had a yearning to learn the guitar and start playing. This is something I believe God placed in his heart, I don't know why, my husband can't keep a beat to save his life, but OK, if it's God's will & doing, I'm all in!
So Christmas morning, we all opened our gifts. After we were all done, Jose went to go get more coffee & we stopped him. I pointed to the note on the tree that just had a few things written to him & explained to him that he was going to go on a hunt. WAIT, let me back up...I wrapped up his new picks & guitar strap (he has a guitar my grandpa gave him, so I made it look as though I bought stuff for that guitar). Well, the hunt began, to each of the kids' rooms. Everyone wrote something positive to him on the note & sent him to the next destination, ending in my mom's room, behind her door, where he found his case (I told him he had to open the case to find his "strings"). Inside the case was more than "just strings", it was his guitar with a note that I slipped inside, pouring my heart out to him of what God has instructed me to do. Well, needless to say, there were LOTS of tears!
He got to enjoy his guitar for a while, the kids their stuff and we prepared to head off to my Grandpa & Grandma Roof's house to have dinner. Here's some pics from our day...

Jose & I

Ooooh La La

My Cute Grandpa

My GORGEOUS Cousin Lourdes & Bryan

My cute Grandma with her Pippy

Aunt Vonnie playing ball with the kids

Grandpa & Alli

Bryan & I

Mexican Train with Lourdes, Ant, Alli, Adrian, Adi & Jose

What it's all for!

Family tradition of getting the olives onto ALL 10 fingers!

Then to eat them off...

The Little Sisters

My babies & I

Little & my crazy socks

My pretty little girl

Look at Miss Santa Baby

The littles

Time for Wii

The journey for his gift begins...

Tears of joy

Isn't she purty!!!

Checking it out

The smile says it all

And those are just the pics Honey, you just wait ;-)

Opening her first Christmas present


Choofy Mama said...

oh melissa i love it ALL!!! you and jose are such a beautiful couple (and he's so darn hot, lovin' the wife beater eye candy pics, *ahem* :P) and you look freaking FABULOUS, omg!!!! How much weight have you lost now, I am loving your makey too, you just look glowing!! your kids are adorable of course and stop it, it can't be time for a first party for lil miss D!!! ack!!!