Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009...Hello 2010

What a year this has been, let me tell ya! I think everyone is in the same boat as to financial bumps, but there have also been so much more that my family, friends & loved ones have been affected by!

I started last year, 9 months pregnant, stressed and just believing God for great things as we were about to have our fourth baby.
God showed himself in a miraculous way, very personally. I saw things working together as he continued to teach me to trust in Him & Him alone. I had something deep down inside telling me that my baby was going to be a girl (because if it were a boy, things would have been MUCH more difficult!). Well, I feel as though God was showing me that it in fact was a girl, it was a promise to me about our blessing & for me to learn that "ALL things work to good for those who love the lord."
January 20, 2009 we gave birth to our blessing, promise, baby girl, Delayna Lynn Herrera.

My Honey has truly grown tremendously in God. He always loved the Lord and attended church with me, but MAN this past year he has really become a Man of God!

Anthony & Adriana had AWESOME soccer success. They both made tournaments & Spring Select. We traveled with Ant's team all over, watching them play AWESOME games!!!
Adriana set a goal for most goals made in a U10 girls division...My girl KICKS BUTT!!

Anthony went to Hooters for the first time with his soccer tournament team.

I have lost a total of 30lbs since getting pregnant with Delayna.

I clothed diapered, then gave up.

I learned the true meaning of the need to take care of myself. As a mom, wife, Youth Leader, Soccer Fundraiser Coordinator, friend, and the list goes on I forget to remember I am a human & need nurturing also.

I was blessed with the position of a table leader at MOTS.

We got a Wii! Yes, that's a big deal!

Dominic came down with a CRAZY illness, that we still don't know what was wrong with him. He was running crazy fevers, lethargic, blood in his urine, just crazy! Through prayers & trusting in the Lord, he was healed.

I went to my first LIFT conference. Wow, incredible!

My baby girl promoted from the 5th grade & started 6th grade

My baby boy started kindergarten...Now that was hard! He is such a MAMA's boy!!! It was a transition!

My BFF's Allan & Angel made the decision to commit their lives to God & were "re-born" in my church and have been serving besides us since!

My dear friend Arlene was diagnosed with cancer. We are believing for a total healing in her body!

I turned 31! I must say, they are SO much better than 20's!

Jose & I were called to be leaders in our church. Where we will be leading is still to be determined, but God has a plan that we are working on. NOT easy, believe you me, I have been going through some growing pains.

Patrick Swayze died...Yes, it was sad!

I taught my first small group at FUSION.

My dear cousin Robin went home to be with the Lord. As much as it was a great homecoming for her, she is dearly missed! I wear her necklace her mom sent me everyday. Seriously, it hasn't came off but one day to wear another that matched what I was wearing better.

We learned that Delayna is allergic to Cefdinir. And not the easy way!

I learned that the Lord has SO much for my family than I could ever dream or imagine. That as long as I walk in his will, it will all come to flourish-in!

I hope you had a great New Years Eve & a blessed New Years! Welcome 2010


Mrs.J said...

Loved going to LIFT with you! I am planing ahead because both my girls want to go this year!