Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We have made progress!!!

So, MOTS started back up today from an almost 2 month break. I was a little scared to take Delayna in, because before she just wouldn't stay.
Well, when I got there, Kindra was dropping of Gideon & he wasn't having a good morning either. Which made my emotions a bit better (you know when someone else is in your same shoes at the same time, it kinda helps). So I told the ladies about her little puppy & everything else that they may need to know about. Handed her over & walked out. I heard her fussing, so I let Talicia know that she has snacks & other stuff in her bag, that may help distract her. And off I went...
When the session was over I realized I went through the whole meeting without Talicia coming for me to get her.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, she made it through the whole meeting without me. The ladies said that she fussed for a bit, but that was it. I am SO happy she's finally coming around!
Just thought I would update...
(OH, I have been going crazy this past week! Busy as all get out...which is great, but man am I exhausted!!!)
K, that's all for now...TTYL!