Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

I have really been dealing with my giving lately. I have, honestly, always been one to give the shirt off of my back. But I have a TON of brand new baby stuff from Delayna that I thought I could make some money off of to be able to purchase some things for her or even Christmas. But, God is telling me, "Melissa, give it to 'so & so'.
Then I fight with him. Why, I don't know.
But I feel as though this scripture has really opened my heart & eyes to what God wants me to do.


Susan said...

Hey Melissa,

Your blog is so pretty! Loved your scripture and thoughts to go with it.

I say, go with what God is leading your heart to do, give!!

You can never do wrong!

Thanks for sharing today♥

Denise said...

Such a powerful WFW.

Anonymous said...

Powerful scripture and wonderful WFW!

Happy WFW!

IE Mommy said...

Sometimes it is hard to give so openly but you are always blessed. I have encountered that same situation with my daughter's things too.