Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Yes, he gets a blog post to himself!
I am SO sad to hear of his passing. I was really hoping that he would fight this deadly battle. I have been very open and aware of cancer stricken patients. Why, I don't know. It hurts for me to see SO many people battling this ugly disease and with Patrick Swayze having the ability to work with any doctor, just as Farrah Fawcett did, I was hoping he would win this battle.
So in his honor, here is a list of my all time favorite Patrick Swayze movies, in order of my favorite...
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Road House
3. Ghost
4. Point Break
5. The Outsiders
6. 11:14
7. To Wong Foo

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Mrs.J said...

It is so sad it seems like about a month ago Cera and I watched Dirty dancing for her first time.

kindra said...

I CAN NOT believe you put Outsiders as #5...shame on you! :)
And yes, cancer does suck..I was praying he would beat it too. :( My heart goes out to that family.