Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here we go again...

And I'm not talking the song from Whitesnake.
Oh no! I'm talking about my poor boy.
Dominic was perfectly fine yesterday, playing with Celine & Shellianna for hours. Then last night around 1am, he came into my room with a fever. So I laid him into bed with me, until Jose got home from his meeting.
Jose got home around 1:30am & put Dominic into his bed.
Around 6 am, Dominic came in & said that he needed to go potty, so I told him to go. He came back crying and saying, "Mama, I just pee'd on the floor." I consoled him, telling him it was ok that I would clean it later & pulled him into bed with Jose & I.
We woke up late at 9am. We were hurrying to get ready for church. Jose got into the shower & I got Dominic up to get him in with him.
When I pulled his chones off, I noticed there was reddish stuff on them. I took him to Jose & told Jose about it. I then remembered what Dominic said about peeing on the floor.
I turned around & saw blood all over my bathroom!
I thought I was going to be sick. Not because of it being as disgusting as it was, but because ALL of that came out of my boy!
I went & told my mom and of course she was spazzing & called my Aunt Cheryl, who wasn't home.
I decided to call Urgent Care and see when we can get him in. They told me to take him in at 10:45am. My mom took the older two kids to church & I got ready.
Jose, Delayna, Dominic & I all headed over to Urgent Care. It was a quick wait.
They called us back & I went to do a urine sample. When Dominic went pee, his urine was the darkest deepest red I've ever seen come out of a body. Not to mention the smell. It was horrendous!
The Dr came in fairly quickly & was boggled by everything. It was the same Dr we saw the first time this all started. He even remembered us. I took him through everything that we have been through since seeing him last.
He really didn't know what to do for him or what was going on with him. He stated that boys and especially boys at Dominic's age rarely get bladder or kidney infections. He stated, it isn't impossible, but it's extremely rare. He decided to refer us to a Urologist and put Dominic on an antibiotic.

I am just at a loss right now. I've been doing whatever I can to keep my mind occupied. I couldn't eat for hours this morning, just hurting so much over all of this being such a mystery. My heart hurts, I'm struck with fear of the unknown, I am at a loss and the list goes on!

After calling Urgent Care, I called Glenda to start praying & put Dominic on the prayer chain. Within minutes I had people calling & texting me words of hope, strength & speaking life into my boy.
God knows what we need, because I was really broken.
Then when the kids got home, they told me that Mishelle was praying during praise & worship for Dominic, Jose & I. Then Pastor Todd prayed for us all also.
To know that my family is loved so much & cared for really helps me in my time of need.
I've always felt that I have to be "the bigger" person and that crying & breaking is a sign of weakness.
In a way, I feel as though this is God's way of working this out of me. I've prayed for a long time that the Lord would break the walls around my heart. I feel like this is doing it.
Thank you all for your love & support!
Just because I want to remember, I am posting a pic of the bathroom.


Choofy Mama said...

omg so scary!!! i'm so sorry mama, the unknown with your baby hurting is the worst ever. i pray for answers and solutions asap and peace and comfort for D in the meantime (and you all too)