Monday, June 15, 2009

Spotlight On Delayna

Just because she's cute =)
Here she is 'eating' a mango from last night. We haven't really been feeding her like the typical way your supposed to. I have been giving her foods here & there. Last night I gave her some avocado & Jose insisted that she have some 'fruit'.

Here she is from Saturday. We went to a surprise 50th birthday party

Here's Bobo wearing Delayna...LOVE IT!

James & Taffy Brock had this shirt made for her before she was born.
I absolutely LOVE it!

Tonight I gave her some rice cereal & decided to make her some apple-pears.
She LOVES to attack her spoon when she's done eating

Then Papa gave her & Bits a bath

Nothing like a clean baby

She is the only daddy's girl in this house


Anonymous said...

Melissa, she is getting so big and looks so much like her brothers and sister!! Great pictures!