Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

I found an awesome link this week that I didn't see last. It's a link to a lady that partners with 160 acre woods for WFW. It's called Extravagant Grace, and talks about why she started WFW, go check it out!

Here is my Scripture for the day:

This comes from this past week of dealing with my poor sick baby. You can read about the hospital visit here.

As I stood in the hospital for 6 hours, I had lots of quiet time to think & dwell.
My poor husband was just beat! He had been up for almost 24hours straight, worked a hard day & was here sitting in the hospital with his boy.
I did alot of rocking, swaying, holding either Dominic or Delayna. When one got tired of their Papa, we would switch off. I stood alot with Delayna, rocking her & keeping her quiet.
At one point, I looked at my phone & saw that it was after 2am. I was just talking to God & thanking Him for ALL of my many blessings. As I was talking to him, watching my poor husband nod his head off while holding Dominic, I realized my strength. I just began to thank God for the strength HE has given me!
I love Isaiah 40:31, because with all of the things I have gone through in my life, I have prayed that the Lord would mount me up like an eagle. That as my physical body would grow weary, that he would strengthen me & raise me up higher so I could accomplish whatever it is that I need to do.
I Praise you Father for YOUR strength & pray that you continue to carry & strengthen me.

FOUND A VIDEO! This is my song!!!! Whenever I am in need, this is what my hearts cry is:


eLisa said...

This is a beautiful post. I'm so glad you found WFW and participated. Looking forward to seeing you again!