Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A sick boy & trip to the hospital...

Our poor boy has been SICK!
Dominic woke up a few times during the night Saturday-Sunday. We got up early Sunday morning and started getting ready for church. While I was upstairs, Dominic & Adriana were eating breakfast. I hear coughing and Adriana yells, "Mom! Dominic's throwing up!"
I run downstairs to find Adriana being the sweetest sister helping Dominic get sick into a bowl.
I took it over & she helped me clean up the mess.
She's definitely going to be a Dr, if she can already handle cleaning up her little brother's vomit!
I got him changed & finished getting ready for church, thinking it was just a 'one time thing'. I came down stairs to find Dominic laying on the couch looking like something definitely came over him.
I sat down next to him & he was burning up!
I took his temp & i was 102.3. Gave him Motrin & got the cool rag on him.
Jose, Anthony, Adriana, Delayna & I ended up going to church & I left Bits with my mom for the morning.
She called just as church started & said he was burning up.
When we got home, he was still hot.
He wasn't able to keep anything down, not even his meds.
I called up Noe to see if we could get a bottle of Perfect Water aka "our miracle water", because I knew that his body would hold that. We got it & sure enough it worked & he kept it down.
We fought his fever all night with it spiking up to 104.3 around 1am.
Monday it wasn't getting better, so I called Dr. Cuni's office & the nurses told me to call Urgent Care & get him in. By now, his fever spiked again to 104.6*.
We took him into Urgent Care & the Dr was an idiot! I don't like saying that about Dr's, but this guy told me nothing more than what I already knew. He was telling a mother of 4 to keep the meds in, bath him, put a rag on his neck etc... DUH!
Then he sent us on our way with no testing or anything.
A few hours later his fever was up again & he started complaining about his neck hurting...
So we made a phone call to Glenda to get the prayer chain going & headed out to Redlands Community Hospital with Delayna in tow...
We got there at 9:30pm, registered & waited & waited & waited & waited!
The hospital was PACKED & we were the bottom of the pot!
I can write a whole post about the experience at the hospital, but I wont bore you.
So, after a blood draw (from the same phlebotomist that took my blood when I had Delayna), an IV, a chest x-ray & almost doing a spinal tap on my boy, it was determined that he has a viral infection.
Here's a pic of him with his IV,,,not happy

Here's Papa & his boy, trying to rest a bit. It was SO very noisey, everytime either Dominic or Delayna would fall asleep, they would wake up within minutes!

The Doctor, even though took forever to do anything, was an awesome Doctor who really did care about our little man. Just before releasing us he was just hanging out with us talking.
We were released at 3:30am and headed home to get some much needed rest!
It was a horrible night, but I am thankful that he didn't have meningitis.


Anonymous said...

Awww Melissa, what a sad picture of Dom :( I hope he feels better soon. What a sweet big sis to take care of him like that!

Alana (lilygirl)