Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 6

There are quite a few things I can dedicate today to, but I'm taking this opportunity to share my thankfulness for being part of an incredible organization.
One that cares about the kids as much as they do.
One that truly appreciates the volunteerism that is put out to make it all work.
One that focus' on the growth more than the 'win'.
This would be AYSO.
I've been part of AYSO for ohhhh about 10 years now...WOW, that's a long time!
I've seen 3 Regional Commissioners come and go.
I've watched a little tiny soccer league turn into a massive community that has finally made it's name around local towns.
We've gone from oh about a total of 30 teams to who knows how many teams at this point. I know we had close or over 1,000 kids playing this year.
We've gone from a board who made up the whole region to our board being an intricate part of the region and only being about a 10th of the parents.
We've learned what works, and what doesn't work.
We've made Region of The Year, beating about 900 other regions.
We out grew our region this year and had the U16 and above playing over at the High School.
We have grown to be families that really are part of a HUMONGOUS family.
Tonight we had our awards ceremony and I was truly teary eyed being grateful to be part of something that touches so many lives of not only the children, but families. Bringing them/us together with a common interest.
I've made so many great life-long friends, that I've learned so much from!
I'm kinda sad that my position may be eliminated from the board. As busy as I am and how great it would be to free myself up from it, it really makes me sad to think I may not have a position on the board.
I'm proud to be a SOCCER MAMA & part of AYSO Region 641...All that have had a part, have a part and will be coming on. It's a life changing experience that I wish everyone could be a part of!