Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 days of Thankfulness ~Day 5

Today's post is dedicated to my baby boy...Anthony Jose Herrera
As much as I'd like to strangle him lately, he's still my baby boy!
So, tonight we went to his Friday Night Football Game yh7ujiu7jmukm8uk,iink,b8iubvjubu, hyn nh nhngh gn nhgtb bgnjbnjnjum
And that's what I mean by wanting to strangle him, as that would be his doing...
Anywho, he truly makes me one proud Mama! Tonight's game he not only walked away with a 52-6 winning game, but he also made captain!!!!
He has really embarrassed his position in football and is really excelling in it. He is also working hard to keep his grades up. His coach has had him going to study hall everyday after school before he goes to pracitce.
His new interest is wrestling, but we will see what happens. His soccer friends are really wanting him to go and try out for the goalie position on the HS team. Which, we all know hands down, he kicks butt in that goal box. He has no fear and for a majority keep those balls out of the box.
Now about Anthony, my baby...
He is the sweetest big brother, he truly is. He loves his role as a big brother and knows that he has 3 little ones looking up to him. He's not the perfect kid, but he really isn't a bad kid, never has been. He loves his little brother and baby sister. And recently has been embracing Adriana. For some reason, those two have finally clicked! He even started training her for spring select. He wants her to get out there and kick butt!
I mentioned this before, but after every football game Delayna wants her Bobo. So I will take her down to him and he will call for her to come out to him. What a precious, precious memory they will both cherish as they grown older.
Dominic and him shared a room for a little over 2 years. When we moved into this new house, Domi got his own room. He was soooo sad and didn't want to sleep alone. But he's adjusted and got used to it. But there have been a few times that I will get up in the morning to wake him up and find him in Ant's room on the floor with his pillows & blankets. There have been about 2 times that I have gone in looking for him and couldn't find him. After searching the house, I found him tucked into bed with Ant, snuggled up next to him. Ant told me he went in there and said, "Bobo, I had a bad dweam, can I sweep wif you?" AWE, HOW SWEET! Ant just pulled the covers up and tucked his baby brother in next to him.
This boy melts my heart!
He has the greatest aspirations of becoming a professional football player and is very focused...just to keep him there.
He's a good kid with a huge heart! One day, I will be proud to announce this kid will be going on to the NFL!
Here's a photo of him goin up as captain for his game last night #33


Mrs.J said...

I am always amazed at him and his love for his family. He is such an awesome kid! Seeing him with Dee melts my heart and the story about him letting Domi in bed with him almost made me cry. It is about time him and Adriana start to click!!