Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My!

We went school shopping today.
8 hours, 10+ stores, lots of money, just a few outfits later & we are still not done!
Jose, the kids & I are absolutely wiped out from the extremely long day, but we did get some good deals & learned more about our children's taste.
Anthony is totally into this whole skull thing. He even tried to buy a t-shirt with naked women on it...I THINK NOT!
Adriana is all into this whole 80's fashion with brite colors & peace signs...Ugh once again...I THINK NOT!
So we settled & agreed on some nice clothes for Ant.
I convinced Adriana to look at some other shirts in a totally different style that she liked. Definitely girlie and I LOVE that!
I still have to go get Adriana some pants/capris/skirts, basically whatever I can find. Some more shoes, because a girl can NEVER have enough & accessories...Yes, We are accessorizing!!!! I actually think I have some accessories in my caboodles that she can have, but we will see.
Ant still needs some shoes, but we pretty much finished him off today.
Dominic is done also. I would like to find him some sandles he can wear to school, but it's not a necessity.
I finally went to a store I've been told about 1,000 times called C2:8. It was an awesome store, but quite expensive! Then 'Eric' striked up a conversation with me & I started sharing Robin's story to him. In the middle of the store, he asked me to pray with him. Wow, I was shocked, but blessed!

Oh, Ant just informed me he needs undershirts, boxers & socks and Little needs bras...guess I'm not done.
Well for now, it will do.


Cera said...

Babe your not done because believe it or not they are going to need warm stuff, you know jackets and long sleeves oh yea and did I mention that Christmas is about 3 months away!

Mrs.J said...

lol that last comment was me! Did not realize that I was signed into Cera's account.