Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Thinking Back

I just finished the Beach Blog Entry and it got me thinking of when I was a 'teen' growing up in Bethel Temple Church Of God in Banning, Ca. I have LOTS of memories there! It was always a very small and close knit church. Had it's ups & downs. I dated my first boyfriend in that church (he was a Pastor's son...LOL!), I met my first best friend (whom I am still best friends with through all of our ups & downs), my mom met my 'step-dad' in that church, and SO much more. But on my way home last night I was just thinking...

Thinking back, I never thought that:
1) I would be back in the church that I was raised in, serving the Lord with ALL my heart.
2) I would be a youth 'leader' (I guess I am a leader. It's very hard for me to think of myself as one).
3) I would ever do anything to impact anyone. (You see, I have always had a very low self esteem. It's always been hard for me to think that anything I would do would impact anyone, let alone a teenager)
4) I would be married to the AWESOME man I am married to & serving the Lord by his side.
5) I would have 4 blessings that I have been entrusted with to raise up as children of God and support their dreams and goals
6) I would live in a home, as gorgeous as mine. My goal was just to live in a house & not a trailor or apartment.
7) I would have so many people in my life that honestly & truly love me & my family, for who we are.
8) I would be a soccer mom, a PTA mom & my kids' #1 cheerleader
9) I would have people placed in my life that God expected me to minister to. He obviously sees me higher than I see myself & knows MUCH more than I know.
10) I would be the woman I am. I have been truly blessed!
It's not always been an easy ride, but every bump has been worth it!
I am just in awe with where my life is today. There are so many things that I get on myself over, but I know that I am doing the best I can do.

Thinking back, what are some things that you thought you would never become, but have?