Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sun, Surf & Sand

So, Jose, the kids & I headed out to Hunington Beach with our Fusion Youth Group.
It was a LONG day! Jose had an usher's meeting at 8 am, so he was up around 7 am getting ready, then left at 7:30am. I got up just after he left & tried getting a head start on things that needed to get done, no luck there though.
He came home at 9 am & I was still rushing around like a crazy woman. We all got packed up & headed to the church to meet up. Got situated & realized I forgot a few things. Headed back home & got what I forgot, then headed out to the beach.
We got there around 11 am & helped set up.
Finally, we could have fun! A group of kids & leaders headed out to the water to go swim. I stayed behind with Glenda & Aida. I'm not one to go swimming in the ocean. I HATE the sandy feeling you get after you get out of the water & it seems like no matter what you do, you can't get the sand off of you or out of places it doesn't belong.
Anyway, it was nice getting to know Aida. She is our new bus driver for Street Life Ministry. She really has a passion for the people she buses in to the church every Sunday, and just a neat lady! Of course Glenda is ALWAYS a pleasure to be with!
After a while, everyone came up to eat & get a few volleyball games going. Of course, my husbands team/s are reigning champions =)
I had to hold Delayna most of the day, so I didn't get to interact too much in the games, but just hanging out & talking with the kids is always nice. I talked to one girl about the Christian Club at Adriana's new school. She gave me lots of info & was excited to hear Adi would be joining with her next year.
The leaders all agreed to finish the bash over at the Evangelista/Vasquez home due to lack of firepits & friendly people willing to share the fire with 20+ teenagers. The kids all had a blast jumping into the pool at night & roasting marshmallows (always my favorite treat!).
We left around 10pm back to the church.
On the way back to the church, I was thinking of the impacts my family may have left on one of the kids. I remember so many things from when I was their age growing up in the church. The trips that I took, the things that we did, etc.
It was a great day & if I was able to touch just one kid, it was worth everything I went through to get there!