Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update; Cleaning, Luau, Father's Day

Well, our weekend started Friday. The WHOLE family cleaned all day long! Jose went & rented a carpet cleaner & did our carpets. The kids helped with the downstairs while I organized & dusted like crazy. Then they went upstairs. It was a LONG, HARD DAY!
Saturday I got up early and started decorating for the party. Then I had to head out to Costco to pick up the cake.
Here's pics from Saturday...
The Cake

Kid's waiting for CAKE!

My Silly Devin

Licking frosting off of the knife

Mr. Al Dog himself, thinking he's sexy eating the cake

Courtney got a pic w/ me, couldn't leave her out

The poker game going on

My pretty Little

Feeding Delayna, YES, I am SUPERMOM!

Chelsea playing with the boys

My Sexy Honey doing his thang

Silly Bits!

Branden copying & his silly Mama, Jodi

Courtney & Sarah, munching on some Grubbage (in Pauly Shore's voice)

Me w/ my 2 Besties; Me, Jessica & Angel

Silly Sexy Girls...LOL

Our backyard looking like Hawaii


The fish net with Adriana as the 'catch'

Soccer side

Father's Day, we all got up late & started hopping to get ready for church. We even forgot that it was Father's Day =( My poor Honey. We realized it was Father's Day when we got to church & Jim told Jose Happy Father's Day...WHOOPS!!!!
We had a wonderful service!!! Jose really enjoyed it and took it home talking about it. We got home, made lunch & cleaned the house from Saturday. Then we went to our friend's Noe & Monica's for a BBQ with a few of our friends.
Noe smoked ribs, brisket, chicken, and made home made mac n' cheese. Oh man, was the food good! The rest of us all brought sides & Janie made us desert.
It was really a great time! As the evening wore down, Steve & Mike brought out the guitarras and we all sang praise & worship songs. It was AWESOME!
I didn't take many pics, but I did get pics of Delayna & Eden, so here they are...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Melissa & congrats Adriana! The kids are growing up so quick!