Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have hit a milestone...

With Adriana.
She has been telling me about hair under her arm. I built up enough bravery to look & well,,,She has some hair under her arms that needs to be taken care of.
Then I was in denial. I didn't want to think that my baby girl was going to have to start shaving. But, it was factual & she needs to take care of it before she started to get teased for it. Which she is going to Hurricane Harbor this weekend w/ her school & I couldn't send her with hair under her arms.
So, Yesterday I went to Costco & bought a big thing of the razors that I favor & decided it was time to teach her to shave her underarms.
I don't ever remember my mom teaching me, honestly. I do remember me shaving my arms & legs at a very young age, on my own. So, I honestly didn't even know how to 'teach' her how to do it.
While she was in the shower last night I went in & taught my girl how to shave her underarms. It was so sad to think that my baby girl is growing up. It's exciting, but sad!

Also, yesterday, I took her to Old Navy to buy a bathing suit to go on her trip. We picked out a couple of cute ones from the girls section & went to try them on...
She is too big & we had to go visit the women's section =(
We ended up getting her a zebra print tankini in small from the women's section...She's even getting big with her clothes...
I will get picks up later!


Mrs.J said...

How amazing, yet so sad. I don't think that I taught cera to shave her underarms but I did show her how to shave her legs. I remember being surprised about her fitting into woman's clothes. It started with shoes and shirts and now my baby is a 5 in women. She is getting to be such a young lady, and looks like Audi is getting on the same track of becoming a more mature young woman.

Lisa Morgan said...

I feel your pain! It is such a tough age and time of life for our little girls to be approaching...weren't they just starting kindergarten together???