Monday, May 11, 2009

Not just ordinary water...

Are you one of those people who think all water is the same?
Are you one of those people who will only drink bottled or filtered water, but will clean & cook (as long as the temps get high enough) with faucet water?
Or, are you one of those people who filter their water through a VERY expensive filtration system that brings the Ph levels & ionization and all that other jazz to a certain level?

Well, I am #2. I will only drink bottled of filtered water (even my kid's Kool-Aid), but will cook & clean w/ the faucet water.
The reason I am bringing this up, is because I am a skeptic! I don't always fall for the latest trends, fads, etc. I don't believe just anything & I don't fall for the "new thing" just because everyone else is.
So, Friday night Anthony went to a friend's house. While there, he was showing Anthony some stuff that he bought for nutrition, fitness (he's a fellow soccer player), etc. When I picked Ant up, my friend came to the truck & informed me that he gave Ant some stuff to sample and see how he likes it. While I listened, he was explaining some other things to me, I was off in another land commonly known as, "Melissa's Skeptic World". I was analyzing everything he was saying, I was finding questions to quiz him on and the list goes on.
We went home & Ant was all pumped up and showed Jose some of the stuff. There was a bottle of "miracle water", a couple vials of joint health stuff you put into water (like the dry packets) and a dry packet of another water mix, but w/ vitamins.
I ended up taking the bottle of water, because it looked really familiar to me, to the computer & did some research on it. Come to find out, it was the same water someone came into the gym trying to sell us. I've seen the water, but never really knew anything about it.
The next morning while packing up for Ant's tournament, we made sure that he took his stuff that our friend had given us. We headed out to Highland for our day.
We got to Highland & I think it was about 10 billion degrees. Honestly, it was in the low to mid 80's by 10am & just got hotter during the day.
Jose & I were really proud of ourselves, because we packed up a TON of waters & Powerade's.
Before Ant's first game, I gave him his bottle of "miracle water" and repeated the instructions our friend gave us...
"Drink 1/4-1/2 before the game, 1/4 during the game & finish it up after the game"
So, he headed out to the field & played a long, hard, hot game. BTW, that was the only good game we had that day!
After the game, I found Ant & his bottle of water. He had about 2 mouthfulls left & I made him drink it because it was SO hot! Which he ended up drinking one & spit the other out...Bone Head!
The day went on & we had our 2nd game at 2pm, the middle of the heat. Let me tell ya, it was HOT & a HORRIBLE game (will save for another post).
I made Ant up his bottle of vitamins & sent him on his way.
The team played the game, we ended up having MAJOR drama & by the time the game was over our team & parents were ready to get off the field ASAP.
We headed out to my brother's house for dinner & a fun relaxing afternoon, then had to head over to this friend of ours (who gave Ant the water) for a presentation on a possible business opportunity.
While at the presentation, they brought out the water. The guy was talking & I honestly was off in "Melissa's Skeptic World" again. I like to visit there quit often =)
But, while I was off in my own world, I had an eye opening realization.
That bottle of water that man was holding, was the only bottle of water Ant drank ALL day at the field!
While we were handing out waters left & right (which we were glad to do!), our son wasn't one asking for water!
That water that guy was talking about, really is "magic water"! WOW!
So, I shared with the group that was there about the games, how hot it was & that Ant only drank that water.
Later on the man did another presentation with the water. He showed a few of us about the balance, strength & flexibility. Once again, being a skeptic, I tried it for myself. What's weird is, the water tingled my mouth. No one else felt this & the presenters said that I'm the 4th person to say that to them. But it has something to do with the oxygen that is in the water that is pumped into my system, starting with the mouth. It was a trip! It was like I swished with peroxide!
After we were done there, we went & got the kids from James & Gail's. I asked Ant about the water. He said he wasn't thirsty at all. That he spit out the last of the water, because he felt too hydrated.
Have you ever felt 'too hydrated'?
Jose & I are praying about this business opportunity. In all honesty, I would sign up just to get the discount on the water! I am thinking about buying a case before our boy's next tournament for them to try out.
I know not everything is for everyone, but if you want more info, let me know!


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