Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wednesday's Update

I haven't had time to sit & write out my Wednesday...I had referred to it in a previous post, but I haven't had blogging time lately. So here it goes...

I woke up at 7 am to get myself ready for MOTS, then get Delayna & Dominic ready too. We headed out just before 9am, when we were supposed to be there at 9. We finally got there & it was so nice being back! I had a wonderful time while Dominic (who didn't want to go) was having fun in his little class. When I went to go pick him up, he didn't even want to go home! I knew he needed to get out for a while! Delayna did really good, with the exception of her blowing out her diaper & I had to completely change her!
Then we headed home. The skies started looking a little dark & gloomy, but we made it home before the rains came in. My windsheild wiper on the driver's side broke when a semi truck's tire came off on the freeway & hit our windshield...UGH!
My Grandma Wallace was here & we had planned for her to come out. She wanted to take me shopping for Delayna. Well, as we started to leave, it started to really start sprinkling. I told my Grandma that we will have to stop & get new wipers. We went to Kragens & my Grandma bought me new wipers!!!!
Then we headed to Wal-Mart & decided to go eat first. So we went to Chili's. It was so yummy! Even better when Grandma paid the bill =D
After eating we went to Wal-Mart to go get Delayna her stuff. Grandma bought her:
~Her crib set
~A monitor (the one I got at the shower didn't work well due to the second story)
~Warm Blanket for her crib
~2 Spongebob t-shirts for Dominic
~A nursing bra & tank top for me
We were spoiled, but SO grateful!!!!
Then we came home & James was here with the kids so they could see Grandma. I had plans for all of us to eat dinner together, but Grandma had bible study & had to go early.
Jose bbq'd steaks for the rest of us & I made my pasta/vegi salad.
James & Gail went home & I cleaned up from dinner.
The remainder of the night I had to deal with little miss...
It was a really good day though!!!