Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Shower in pics

So, finally pics of my baby shower...
My Grandma Wallace (dad's mom), Delayna & I

My gorgeous cousin Lourdes...she did the decorating

A bag that I really liked, from PT & Mishelle

Another from Gail

Lourdes checking out a diaper

Glenda & Jessica

Arlene & Delayna...She was the first to 'predict' I was having a girl. She claimed it "In Jesus' Name"

The Goods!

Jaime, Jessica & Teresa

Sheila & Kim

Becca & I

The food line...Great Job Mom & Gail!!!

Grandma Roof (mom's mom) & Delayna

Courtney, Jessica & Glenda

Teresa, Lillian & Lisa

Mom, Grandma Wallace, Delayna & I

Sarah, Jackie & Delayna