Thursday, March 5, 2009

Resting in his arms

Yesterday was a LONG day for me! *you can read about it in another post*
Last night Delayna was just being a fuss. She was fighting her sleep for HOURS! She just would not go to sleep & wanted to just fuss. Nothing was wrong with her, at all!
So, I was doing really good until about 1am when she really started fighting. She was fussing really bad & starting to cry hard. I couldn't do anymore comforting & had to put her in her bouncer and walk away. I started picking up the living room & I hear someone coming down the stair...
I thought, "Darn it, she woke someone up."
Well, it was Jose, who needed to be up & going in 3 hours.
He came and just hugged me. I told him to leave her cry a bit, but he couldn't. So he picked Delayna up and started walking around bouncing her. He finally got her to sleep within about 5 minutes. So we headed upstairs & he put her in her crib to sleep, while I got Dominic (who feel asleep in bed with Jose) and took him to bed.
Well, I walk back in the room & he is bouncing her crib. She finally fell asleep and we crawled into bed. He pulled his pillows over to my side of the bed & when I got into the covers, he just grabbed me and held me TIGHT! *just on a side note, he was able to have his pillow in front of him & his arms reached all the way around me...Sqeee, yes, I've lost that much weight =D*
It felt so nice, relaxing, comforting, assuring, loving.
We began to doze off, while he massaged my back (which has been KILLING me lately!).
Then what do we hear? Oh yes, little miss fussing again.
I just got up and put her chupi back into her mouth & crawled back into my husbands arms. We did this about 5 times or so until she was finally out.
The last time I looked at the clock, it said it was a few minutes after 2am!
I was beat & my poor husband, he only had 2 more hours to sleep before he had to head out for work!
It felt SO nice to be held though. There are days/nights that I am just beat! My body hurts, I am exhausted, the kids are going every which direction, etc.
Then to fall into my husbands arms and just find refuge is SO nice!

Through this, I have been reminded that God has his arms here for us to fall into and find rest, peace, comfort, assurance & most of all,,,LOVE!

***On a side note, I woke up at 6 am & Delayna was still asleep! I freaked out & checked her, thinking "Is she ok!?!?" She was fine, resting peacefully in her newly decorated crib...FIRST TIME! Her last feeding was at around 12am! She went for 6 hours without eating, too bad I didn't get 6 hours of sleep =)***