Thursday, February 12, 2009

K, I'm testing the waters

So, I swore before I had Delayna, I would cloth diaper. She got her bath today & I decided I would attempt to start. I have quit a few pre-folds, a few covers & pockets from Miracle Diapers. So I took out a pre-fold & the snappi they sent. I don't know if I did it right or not, but this is what it looked like on:

Then I put a cover on & she looked VERY bulky. See below...

She is sleeping now, so we will see how it goes when she wakes up. My only reserve is that she has a bowel movement with almost every diaper change. So that means, MANY trips to the bathroom to clean a diaper out. We will see how this goes.
I have a whole box & 1 bag of disposables left still. So if I need to fall back on some 'sposies, I can.
UGH, I'm kinda scared, but I will update!


Joanna said...

I started cloth diapering when Daniel was 3 weeks old. He is almost 22 months now. If I had put it on myself to rinse each diaper out as he messed it, I don't think I would have continued cloth diapering so long. I never rinse them. I just throw the soiled diaper int he diaper pail then on wash day I do a cold rinse and spin inthe washer to get the yuckies off then follow with my wash routine. No problems and much less hassle than rinsing them out. The diaper pail doesn't stink between washes as long as it is closed. Don't make things harder on yourself than they need to be especially when you have a newborn. By the way have you thought about joining the cloth dipaering meetup group? I sent you a link to it on facebook. Those ladies have a lot of advice. I've never used prefolds so I can't help you there.

kbell said...

They look great! Good Job Mama! The cover does look a little big, but she'll grow into that in NO time. ;)

I've heard SO many mama's say that they don't rinse early days of breastmilk poo. Or that they used sposies for the first month. Personal choice, I guess.

I have a sprayer attached to the toilet that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best $30 we ever spent.