Friday, February 13, 2009

3 weeks down

Life has been so crazy busy, I feel like I jump on here just to escape!
Anyways, 3 weeks & 3 days are down.
On a good note: breastfeeding is getting easier, I am adjusting to being a 'new' mom again, Dominic is adjusting really well & Delayna for the most part is a really good baby! Oh and I'm down 3 more pounds...SQUEEEEEEE. I am really focusing to keep it up!
On a bad note: my poor baby is still very gassy. It is almost impossible to get her to burp after she eats. At night is the worse! She screams at the top of her lungs for about 10 mins. I have tried Mylocon Drops, Hylands Colic Tablets & an old 'hispanic' remedy of Manzanilla (translated simply as Chamomile Tea in pure form). I don't know what to do with this poor girl.
I have been told numerous times that I look tired...Gee Thanks!
It is almost impossible to get out of my house, seriously. I either have to change a diaper, put on shoes, nurse or get a jacket on (and not on myself!). Poor Adriana was picked up 50 mins late from school today, and in rainy weather! I at times feel like a horrible mom, but I know I'm doing my best. I am trying to accomodate Jose and all his needs along with the kids' and then wanting some "ME" time. It's just not happenin!
Well enough with the gripping. Little Miss is fussing,,,AGAIN! I am supposed to be at bible study in 5 mins (and my husband still isn't home and we still haven't eaten) and I have kids whining they are hungry.
Here are some pics. I have more that I have to do under individual blog posts...

Pretty in her Princess Sweat Suite (I'm LOVIN the sweat suites!)

My poor baby finished making his sandwich, because....

Pretty was screaming when I tried making his sandwich

Here she is content looking at her mobile. She really likes to be entertained.
I desperately need a swing!

Talking to her brother