Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love my church!

I don't know if I've ever expressed how much I love my church family or not.
I went back to church today, after a two week hiatus (I know, LONG TIME, but I was getting cabin fever & my spirit was really feeling dry). It felt SO good! It was a rainy cold day, but when I got there, I felt so warm and bubbly inside. My church is so much like my family that I felt like I went back home after a long vacation.
Everyone was very respectful with Delayna. Of course they wanted to see her, but they all kept their distance and weren't all touchy-feely like a lot of people are when they see a baby.
Silly Dena, came up after service and attacked her, which I found totally hilarious! Dena has become a special person in my life, and there are many people like that in my church. So for the select few, I don't mind them holding her, but just be respectful and don't take her if your sick, etc.
Pastor's message was really good! I was determined to be there today just so I could hear his message. He is doing a series called, "The Homefield Advantage". Today's message was, "How to raise a 'G' rated child in an 'X' rated world."
If you would like to see his message you can find it here:
LCC Videos
I am proud to say that out of his 10 message points, Jose and I have learned to make it an intention to do many of them in our children's lives already.
Being such a young mom when I started, I now see that God has really had his hand in my life to see that my children are raised to be 'His' children, and not just mine.
To look back at the type of father Jose was years ago & to see him today is a blessing too! He has always loved his children, but he also chose to put other things ahead of his family. He has been blessed with a job this past year that has allowed him time at home & he really sees how important we are in his life. I LOVE having him home on rainy days (even though it sucks financially!). He has also built a relationship with God that has manifested a love for his family into his heart that wasn't there before.
Being able to be at church with a message like today with all four of my children was awesome!
At the end of Pastor's message, he had us all stand with our family. Anthony was sitting by himself, where we were together, but I had to move due to miss fussy. Adriana was sitting with Sarah & some other youth. Dominic was in K-Town.
So, Anthony, Adriana & Sarah all came over to stand with Jose & I. Jose had Anthony on one side of him & I had the Delayna in my arm & the girls to my right. Being able to stand there and pray over my kids was so heart filling. And to have my neice there to pray over is always special to me too.
I can't wait to see what God has planned for my children's lives. I know they will make their own choices, but I pray that what is instilled in them now will grow and continue to guide them as they venture out into the world.