Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Trip

I was just doing Delayna's First Year Calendar & I was adding her first trip in.
Her first outing was to Anthony's soccer game, last Saturday, Jan. 31st.
We couldn't make both of his tournaments, because it would have been way too much on the both of us. So we made it for the 2nd half of his second game. I got Dom ready, packed up Delayna, Adi got ready & we all headed out.
Well, Jose warned me that Coach Lenny told the boys that if they won they would be going to HOOTERS. Well, they didn't win, but they did take 2nd place in the tournament (which is a record for Beaumont. Actually first place was taken by Beaumont's Highlighters & second by Ant's team, the Titans).
So the boys were all getting their ribbons and kept bugging coach about going to HOOTERS.
Lenny told them, "Well, let's go, what the heck, Beaumont took first & second, it's time to celebrate."
So, we headed out to HOOTERS.
Delayna did REALLY well! She is a very good baby period.
I sat for WAY too long and my day was way over done. I ended up coming home in massive pain and was down for 3 days after that.
Yeah, I think I'm superwoman, but I am learning very fast that I'm not.
Anyways, just wanted to blog about Delayna's first outing & Ant's first trip to HOOTERS (which honestly is NOT all that! The food sucked, I make better chicken wings at home, seriously! Those girls are in a shirt showing no more than I would or even what the girls wear at school. The shorts were the only 'provocative' thing, but they had leotards on underneith, so you don't even 'see' anything. BORING!)


Mrs.J said...

Boring! well I know you are a better cook but I wonder if all those teenage boy hormones thought it was boring???

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Oh, those boys were all over those girls.