Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She lost it!

Delayna finally lost her umbilical cord...YEAH!
It was cut really low and it seemed that it was never going to fall off. I saw it this morning and it was just hanging by a string. I changed her around 6pm and noticed it was gone. I couldn't find it anywhere. The kids & I were all looking for it. It's just disappeared.

So, since she lost her cord, she is going to get an official bath tonight!
While we were eating dinner, she gave Jose a wonderful surprise that ran up her back. He changed her & ended up laying on the couch with her.
Here is a pic that I took from my phone. Hope you can see it. *I'm really frustrated that I dont have a camera!!!!*
They are both passed out.... =-}


kindra said...

Very sweet picture.