Monday, January 19, 2009

Overwhelming Support!

I was dealing with a lot of negative emotions on Sunday and God just brought people around me that I felt comfortable enough to open up to. I'm not a very emotional or open person, don't know why, guess life has made my heart hard.
But I was able to open up, ask for prayer, receive love and it has continued into today.
I have so many people that the Lord has placed in my life to come up beside me and lift me up. I am used to being the back bone, the hard one, the one that gets everything done, but I have been put in a position to be humble and allow people to really love me and support me.
Thank you Jesus for your grace, mercy & love!
Thank you to all my many friends that have come up beside me in SO many different ways to love and support me. It is a true humbling experience for me.

My SheKnows group of girls that I have been friends with for over 4 years started a thread for me with all this support:
Kelley (SK):
Just wanted to start a post so we can all send our love well wishes to Melissa!!
We love you girl! I'll be thinking and praying for you & that precious baby!
Please let us know details as soon as possible!!

Steph (SK):
I know she's out on a date with Jose tonight (I believe) so I hope she checks in before she goes in tomorrow am!!
Melissa--thinking of you and praying it all goes perfect!!
YAY your having a baby on MY BIRTHDAY!!! WHOOOOO!!!
what an awesome thing!!
Jen (SK):
got your texts and i'm anxiously awaiting The Text (or call if you want ) but know how happy I am for you! I can't believe it's almost time, i seriously can't!!!
Tiah (SK):

Alana (SK):
Good luck Momma!!!!!!!!!! I woke up thinking of you this morning!!
Please let us know how are you asap!! Good luck!!

Brianna (SK):
Yay! I can not wait to meet and find out the sex of your baby!
Lisa (SK):
I can't wait to meet your little sweet pea, Melissa!
Leah (SK):
Good Luck!! I hope everything goes perfectly! I can't wait to see your little one!
Judi (SK):
Melissa, I'm thinking of you all and sending love your way!!
Heather (SK):
Thinking and praying for you!!
Tracy (SK):
Thinking of you!

Myspace Messages~
Kel (church):
Congrats, thinking of you will be praying for you as well. Let us know how it goes.
Love ya girl
Stephanie (SK):
enjoy your date and your day!!!!!

Facebook Messages~
Amy (SK):
The countdown is on!!!! Can't wait to see pics!
Lisa (SK):
I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of it, Melissa!! I can't wait to hear!
Kelley (SK):
I'm thinking of you & praying for you!!
Rebecca (MOTS):
EXCITING!!!! Praying for you girly!
Lisa Mo (Friend):
Best of luck for a smooth delivery...can't wait to see pics! xoxo
Tammy (MOTS):
Praying for you. Can't wait to find out if I'm buying girl or boy!
Aunt Teresa:

How exciting! Can't wait to find out all of the details! :)
Tiffany (MOTS):
Hey, good luck I will be praying for you!
Judi (SK):
So close to meeting your sweet lil one. I'm so excited for you guys!
Heather (SK):
woo hoo!!
I am so excited for you!
Janell (Dear Friend):
"Blessings on your little bundle, my prayers are with you and your family. Give the little prince or princess lots of lovin from the flores family."

Karla (My newest friend):
I'm sure you're getting ready tonight for your BIG day tomorrow! I am rooting for a girl so we can have more play dates!!! :) Good luck tomorrow, you'll be in my prayers and I will be checking your blog as you'll probably be going through the C-section and blogging about it LOL jk! Get a good nights sleep and enjoy the last little kicks in your belly! :)

Got a few text messages from Darci, Mona (Dork message she sent me...don't think I will post it here, it's kinda private), Angel.