Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yup, and I'm the PROUD Mama

Thursday night Adriana & Anthony had team meetings for soccer.
Adriana's meeting was regarding her spring select team that she is on. Coach Randy was going over a new "award system" he is going to be trying out for the girls. They will get patches for different accomplishments. One is a "Goal Patch". He mentioned that for every goal that a girl makes, she will get a goal patch. He stated that last season, there was a girl on U10 that beat the previous record of 22 goals. This girl made 23 goals all season long and just happened to be on Coach Terry's team. If we had the patches, this girl would have 23 patches that she can wear proudly showing her accomplishment...
You better believe he was talking about Adriana!!!!
As I sat up as the proud mama and demanded that Coach Terry order the patches, Coach Randy asked if it was Adriana. I said, "Yup, and I'm the proud Mama!"
Then as the meeting went on Coach Randy commented that there are only 2 girls on the U10 SS team that are returning. He announced one, which was Kassie, but didn't know the other. Adriana raised her hand and commented that it would be her.
Yeah, she's the bomb!

Saturday Anthony had his second tournament game in San Bernardino. He was able to keep a shut out last week against San Bernardino's 1st place U14 team.
This week we played against Hemet.
I sat on the field, surrounded by the regional commissioner, Darcy (who happens to be a friend of mine) along with about 5 ref's from Beaumont.
While everyone was watching the game (by the way, it was a KICK BUTT GAME!) one of the ref's commented, "Man, that keeper is on it, who is he?"
Darcy answered him, "That's Anthony, he's Melissa's son."
I turned around and said, "Yup, I'm the proud Mama!"
He couldn't give me enough complements on how well he was doing.
Then Debbie & Christian (2 other refs) started talking to me about his talent. We were able to talk about what Anthony wants to do next year (he wants to go play football now) and my own anxieties about it.
They basically really told me how much talent Anthony has and that it would just carry over to his football and eventually, if he wanted to, he could play and succeed at both.

It is one of the most AWESOME feelings for someone to comment and rave about your children's accomplishments. Especially when they are raving about your child, and don't even know that your the mama.