Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day & The Fam...

Yesterday my nephew & his fiance came up to visit and wanted us to all GTG to play games and spend time together.
So after we got our house cleaned and done we headed over to James & Gail's house to play some games and hang out.
Well, when we got there James & Mark were drinking Yegger Bombs (Jagermeister & Energy Drink).
We all started playing spoons, and so much for that. James & Mark kinda got side tracked. They were stinken hilarious!!!
I went over and got on the computer to look something up for Mark, and ended up looking up a song for James.
He was CARACKING us up!!!!!!
Here is the song, it's Ram Jam~Black Betty

Gail video'd James dancing and singing to it (I will try to get a copy). I seriously was laughing so hard I was about to pee my pants. James is a nut when he's not drinking, but he was even funnier while he was drinking!
Our night was full of fun! We tried playing Pictionary and that didn't last. We all just kept getting distracted.
Jose, the kids and I finally left around 1:15am and got home. Put the kids to bed and Jose & I watched some of Gladiator.
We finally fell asleep around 2am. It was a great time though!!!


Arlene Diaz said...

Hi Melissa!
I've been following PT's blogs and noticed you have too. I saw you at church yesterday morning but didn't get a chance to talk with you...I know the baby's due soon, if there's anything I can do to make life easier for you please let me know, I would love to help....have a blessed day! Arlene Diaz

ps: I created a blog site of my own, it's, it can be accessed by clicking on my pic (the person with the camera in their face) listed under the followers on PT's blog site.

Arlene Diaz said...

Hey Melissa! I think I'm gonna like this "world of blog sphere" :o) I'm new at it so haven't had much time to explore all the possibilities, I like your site, all the pics and categories and how you're following your pregnancy, how cool is that! Church on sunday was so amazing...the people have such a hunger for God and to grow...I saw you and Jose in the front row, Tony and I try to sit near the front but we were a few minutes late and the place was packed!
Later....Arlene D