Friday, December 26, 2008

LOTS to update & cover...Lets start with Christmas Eve

Bear with me, I have ALOT to update!
***December 24th~Christmas Eve
We were at home. Jose went and worked until about 2pm. I had presents that I needed to finish wrapping & the kids were NOT cooperating with me! My mom was at work and I tried locking myself up in my bedroom. Well, I went up at 10am and the kids were all downstairs either watching T.V. or playing PS2. Dominic insisted on coming up to my room a bazillion times.
I called Jose around 11:50 and told him he needed to get home NOW. This was not working. Of course he said he would be home in a "bit", but anyone that knows Jose knows, he doesn't have a clue about time! He drives me INSANE sometimes,,,let me tell ya!
It was 12pm and I went ballistic on the kids! *I felt horrible after I did it, but the nagging & bugging & non-cooperation got to a mama trying to finish up so I could be with my family!*
Well, just as I was going off on the kids, my mom walked in and heard it. She was a lifesaver and knows when I am pushed over the edge (it really does take alot for me to be DONE). She got the kids and took off. THANK YOU MOM!!!!
I was able to get all of the presents done in 45 mins after they left.
Just as I was finishing up Jose walked in the house, came upstairs & was looking around for the kids. He asked where they were and all I could do is give him the stink eye. I told him, "Lucky for you my mom rescued them."
I was able to clean up, clean the kitchen and shower before the kids and my mom got back.
Come to find out she took them to McDonald's and then up to Los Rios Ranch to play in the snow.
Gotta love a mom!!!!

After Jose and I showered, we planned to take the kids back up to Oak Glen and take Ant's board & Snow Scooter out for the kids to play a bit.
After we went up to the snow, we drove down and looked at lights.
Got home, I made some spaghetti & cheese toast real fast & we watched a movie.
The night turned out great! We were all in bed by 10:30pm
Jose & I could not sleep all night though. I think the anticipation of playing Santa and making sure we woke up had us full of anxiety. Anthony even came in at one point waking me up saying, "Mama, did you forget?"
I told him, "No mijo, I have my alarm set for 4:45. I will be up."
So when my alarm did go off, Jose and I were practically awake already. We got up and did the stockings & 'big' present from Santa.
We went back upstairs & we could NOT get back to sleep! My mind was flooded with all the things I need to do before Baby 'D' is here. Then I realized....
So, of course, I threw the blankets off & went downstairs and took care of the cookies, egg nog & carrots.
Sometimes it's the little things that makes being a mom ALL worth it!!!!