Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Well after the nights anticipation of Christmas, it was finally here!
Jose heard Ant & Adi up at around 7 am. We finally got up and out of bed at 8 am.
After I brushed my teeth, I went in to see who was still asleep.
Adi was up & out of bed. I walked into the boy's room and couldn't see. I turned on the light and didn't see Ant, but my baby was still sound asleep & the light startled him...Poor thing!
I turned the light off, walked over to his bed, and he was O.U.T.!
I covered him up and walked out, went downstairs and got a cup of coffee.
Of course the kids were ready to tear into the presents, but we told them they had to wait until Dominic woke up. At first I told them that I would wake him up at 8:30, figuring there would be no way he slept until 9 am! I sent Jose up to wake him while I was on the phone with my friend.
He came down and was in the worse attitude mood!
They gave him his Leapster from Santa and he was NOT impressed & ran back upstairs...
After a few minutes & me getting off the phone he came around.
He was excited over all of his stuff, but really excited because he got the Madagascar movie & game!!! He has played this over at his friend Noa's house and LOVES it.
Adriana's highlight was her Pink Nintendo DS Lite from Santa and 2 games w/ a holder from us.
Ant's highlight was his Authentic Vans with Bandana Print that he has been eying for MONTHS!

After the hussle of presents, we ate breakfast. My specialty...Scrambled eggs with cinnamon rolls :)
We all got ready and headed over to James & Gail's house.
Steven, Ginny, Auntie Lola & Uncle Phil were all there. We had a WONDERFUL dinner of our version of the Honey Baked Ham, mashed 'tatoes & gravy, corn and my fav...Green Bean Bake...YUMMY!!!
After dinner & desert, Jose, James, Gail, Ginny, Sarah, Ant & Adi all started a 3 hour journey called...Monopoly. *Just as a side note, I despise that game, especially if you are playing with Jose. You might as well give him all the property, the hotels & your money at the beginning of the game and call it done!*
So, while they played, I layed on the couch, took a snooze and played Hungry Hungry Hippos with the boys.
We finally left around 9pm, so I could get home and get to bed. I had to work the next morning.

Thought for the day:
Through the years, I have spent less and less money on the kids. As our family grows and our income has been sufficient, I have learned that a little is just enough.
When Ant & Adi were little, I would buy them TONS of 'stuff'. That's exactly what it was, STUFF. They would get tired just opening presents. I guess I felt that because we don't really have family, I had to over-compensate for the lack. Well, I have learned the complete opposite. This year the Lord blessed our family with a particular dollar amount to spend on the kids for Christmas. We split it up between the 3 kids and did just enough.
They are all so happy with what they have.
They didn't get too much, but got what they wanted. As I sit here and type, they are all in the front room playing with each other (which is EXTREMELY rare). It' the little things that matter!
I praise God for all he is and has done...