Monday, December 22, 2008

Dominic says the darndest things!

This post is SO overdue, but I have just been sidetracked with other things.

Friday night, Dominic went over to the Christmas tree and pulled a present out from underneath. He asked me, "Mama, this is sissy's?"
I told him, "Yes mijo, it's sissy's."
So he took the present to sissy and told her, "Here sissy, this present is for you."
She told him, "Oh, thank you bits, go put it back, sissy will open it up on Christmas."
He did not like that, he told her, "No, open it now, it's a Littlest Pet Shop thing."
Oh, and he didn't stop!
He continued to tell her, "Mama bought you two littlest pet shop games, and a holder for your new computer game."
I told him, "OK, Dominic that is enough! Stop telling sissy what she got!"
So Anthony chimes in, "Dominic, what did mama get me?"
Of course Dominic replies, "Two new playstation games."
Anthony asks, "What kind?"
Dominic says, "One gun one and a football one."
OMG, this kid!!!
He is totally telling them what they got for Christmas!!!
So Saturday comes and Devin spends the night.
Oh yes, Dominic walks over to the Christmas Tree and tells Devin, "Here Devin, this is your Christmas present from my mom, it's a Dora game for your book toy."

I am going to duck tape this kids mouth until Christmas Day!!!!


kbell said...

okay, I just had to laugh!! Sorry, I know its a bummer for the surprises to be ruined, but hahaha! =)

Guess Dominic doesn't get to go shopping with you anymore, huh?

I was just telling Mike about the time my had just finished wrapping gifts for the entire family & extended family. She spent HOURS wrapping. Kim came through and tore into ALL of them.

Fun times.

Momma4life said...

I loved that story! lol..hahaha you go Dominic!