Thursday, October 23, 2008

Such a proud wifey

So, amongst a million and one things smacking me in the face this week, my refrigerator broke! UGH, I can't tell you how done I am!
My sweet & hard working husband who thinks he can fix the world has really been trying to get the 'fridge fixed. Unfortunately we can't pay someone to come out and do it, but he is really trying hard!
Last night I was busy doing something, and I looked over and noticed him pulling the fridge out, again. My poor husband had just got home and ate & he is just non-stop. After a few minutes pass, I notice he is on the computer. Now if you know Jose, he is NEVER on the computer, well it's rare!
I continued doing what I was doing and after a while got up to see what exactly he was doing on the computer.
Well, my smart little cookie of a husband, who rarely uses the computer, was on there looking up tutorials on our refrigerator trying to figure out how to fix it.
Definitely a Proud Wifey moment, I just have such a good husband that will figure anything out that is given to him!
So, after working on it for about an hour, he thinks he might know what is wrong with it. But, still not positive.
So, I will keep you posted as the refrigerator saga continues...


Anonymous said...

what a blessing to have such a hard working man!! how awesome!!!