Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back In The Day

I know I have shared w/ a few select of my friends...
I used to rap. Yeah, little white girl-wanna be mexican-rapper.
My favorite was Queen Latifa & Da Brat.
Well, while I was out picking the kids up from school today they played a song that I used to rap to. It's Ahmad-Back In The Day
While listening to it and attempting to rap like back in the day, I started realizing the words and thinking, this guys sure is right. Here's a verse of the song:
"I miss those days, pouting like a jerk, wishing all I had to do now is finish homework. It's true, you don't realize what you got 'till it's gone...Sometimes I do sit and reminisce then think about the years I was raised, back in the day... "
Of course the video is being attached

OK, and so while I was on that page, I couldn't help but take myself back to 1 more song that YES, I used to rap to. Here they are, I hope they take you back too...
Skee-Lo I wish

OH, and I found my "inspiration" song!!!! I almost got into a fight w/ some little punks while walking to the store. My best friend, Janis and I were walking and a couple of little boys called me the *B* word.
Well, I took the words that The Queen used and said, "Who you calling a *B*!?!" and perused to get in their faces. Those boys were not about to disrespect me and it was all because of what The Queen said! No, I didn't fight them, someone heard my big mouth and came to my rescue. I don't know what would have happened, but this girl was NOT about to take anything from any boy. I saw too much growing up and I was not about to be treated the same way.
Now that you know the story, here is the song.
(It's not letting me put the video up, so here is the link)